Wednesday, December 31, 2014

{whatever wednesday} Favorite Moments of 2014

This week, my {whatever wednesday} is a look back at some of my favorite 2014 moments.

I traveled all the way to the West Coast and finally got Eggslut.  The most perfect, deliciously sloppy breakfast sandwich of my life.

Hikes through Griffith Park to the Hollywood sign were hot but spectacular.

Knocking attending a live filming of Chelsea Lately and meeting Chuy Bravo off my bucket list.

Spending a weekend in Cincinnati with the family.

We attended a Monster Truck Rally and celebrated my soul mate's 21st birthday.

"In life it's not where you go, it's who you travel with."
An early December weekend get away to Chicago with one of my bestest and oldest (in length of friendship, not age) was one of the most splendid adventures.

We spent Father's Day at the "Key West of the Midwest."

I ate a bunch of Strange Donuts with no remorse.  This Sloppy Joe Done with tots was my favorite.

From eating so many Strange Donuts, I won tickets to a Cardinal's Postseason game.  We lost but Pops and I had a grand time.

We took up yoga and attended these fun events that include yoga and post-yoga cocktails.

Last but not least, we expanded Style Your Space to a second location!

{Neil Gaiman}

2014, you've been a lovely and wild ride.

See you next year!
peace, love, sparkles and flamingos

Monday, December 29, 2014

Four Outfits to Ring in 2015

Okay, let's be honest.  New Year's Eve is supposed to be THE BEST NIGHT of the year but boils down to the pressure, the plans.  Weeks, if not months, in advance you're supposed to know what you're going to do for that ONE evening and who you're going to spend it with.  The past 3+ New Year's, I've spent odd-wheeling it with friends (aside from last year when I skipped town and wasn't the only single, which was by far the best decision I could've made).  While they've all been fun, I find the whole New Year's theory to be slightly overrated.  As much as I've threatened, my gems of friends refused to let me sit at home in my party dress and down champagne solo.

NOT to mention the whole midnight kiss thing.  There's always the vulture guy with his single radar on, who tries creeping and keeping as near as possible when the clock is close to striking midnight.  Sorry, but being lip locked with some stranger is NOT exactly my idea of the perfect way to start a new year...therefor I typically do the quick turn away and immediately kiss my vodka water (clearly in the most tasteful way possible).  I've had 3+ years of practice so that pretty much makes me a professional at this point.  That all being said, this may be the first New Year's in oh, let's say EVER, that I'm actually looking forward to.

Anyways, I came up with 4 different outfit ideas that have you covered, whether you're going to a sassy soiree or celebrating with a house party.  My thing for a black and gold combination continues through two of the looks.  Each look contains sequins (duh), because there's no such thing as too much sparkle on New Year's Eve.





Being a huge fan of headbands and hats for any celebration (or every day), I couldn't refrain from sharing these adorable 15 DIY Headbands and Hairpins to Make for NYE.

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness.
peace, love, sparkles and flamingos

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

{whatever wednesday}

{Hair Now:  The Minimalist Curl}

I mean, everyone has dreamed about being royalty at least once in their life, right?  What better way to find out your ideal placement in the royal family than a quiz?  My answer was Kate Middleton, and with the description, I couldn't argue that it wasn't on point.
You got the sophisticated, elegant and poised Kate Middleton! You're wardrobe is envied by all and you look flawless in every piece you own. You might be buttoned-up, but you aren't afraid to show off your adventurous side. You're a fairytale come to life.

Monday, December 22, 2014

all that glitters

Traveling typically forces me get creative with my wardrobe.  In my attempts to not over-pack, I try to pack things that will easily mix and match.  The other weekend, my close friend and I visited Chicago.  Since we drove, it was easy-peasy to over-pack (not to mention purchase 10+ items of clothing that I didn't necessarily need to come back with).  Saturday morning, in a slightly hungover state, we debated between whether coffee or a Bloody Mary was more urgent at the time.  In a mad rush due to urgency, I threw on a few items I've had for years in a combination I've never worn before.  Mixing items up brings out that what's old is new and expands your wardrobe immediately (and at no extra cost).

In case you were wondering, our stop included coffee AND Bloody Mary's; the debate's happy ending.

These photos were not taken in Chicago, but I loved the outfit so much that I couldn't resist a repeat offender situation.

Sweater: H&M
Sequin Collar Top:  Forever 21
Biker Boots:  Target
Black Pants:  Joe's Jeans

all that glitters

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

{whatever wednesday}

{DIY Inspiration}
Aimee from Song of Style took snapshots of her favorite moments of 2014 and crafted a Christmas tree collage.  Such an adorable and creative idea, considering we rarely have tangible photos anymore, adding to the Christmas nostalgia.  Such a great way to look back at all the experiences and adventures throughout the year that got you to where you are now.  On top of that, the splatter wrapping paper is a pretty rad touch:  DIY Paint Splatter Wrapping Paper

 {Gimme, Gimme!:  Gemstone Magnet Set}

{Wool Acorn:  Pinecone Tree DIY}