Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Target Fashion Finds for Fall

Ok, ok, so this isn't breaking news because we all know us women are at Target at least once a week and typically enjoy browsing every aisle.  I love stopping in the dollar spot, perusing the clearance, checking out the makeup, and of course the snacks!...unless I'm forced to go to Target with my boyfriend.  My boyfriend is more the run straight to the paper towels and head to checkout type (insert dramatic eye roll...who doesn't LOVE Target!?)...PLEASE LET ME STOP BY THE WINE SECTION!  But honestly, if I'm not kept on a tight leash at Target, I can spend way too long looking at things I don't really need.  

I've attempted "sticking to a list" at Target ever since the time I went in for hairspray and left with a basket full of random stuff...shoes, ice cream, stuff I didn't need.  The cashier said as she was ringing me out, "Let me guess...this is what you came in for."  She was right.  THE TRICK I've figured out that helps me "stick to the list" is adding things like new nail polish, cute dollar spot home decor, or fun shoes to the bottom.  Gotta check off everything on the list.

We probably all know that Target has been killing the clothing game over the past few years.  5+ years ago, I would ask someone where they got a cute sweater or whatever and they would say Target.  Well, when I would go to Target, I wouldn't be able to find anything I really liked and would leave the clothing section feeling discouraged.  I felt it was a little overpriced for the quality when I could just head to Forever 21 and get a trendier style for less...mind you I was in my mid-twenties at the time.  BUT ever since they started releasing these "capsule collections," I want it ALL!  The quality is high for the pricepoints and the styles are fashionable.

So anyway, my point is you'll want to add these fall clothes and shoes to your list next time you're headed to Target.  With everything ranging from $18-$50, your bank account probably won't notice that "extra little thing" that jumped into your shopping cart. 

So many items you'll find are cropped at this time.  How I tone down the "cropped look" is pairing it with something more high-waisted.  Love how Target layered this cropped sweater over a dress!  Shown in olive, this sweater is also available in that popular shade of millennial pink.

Animal print has made a huge comeback for fall and let me tell you, I AM HERE FOR IT (clapping hands).  This fuzzy sweater is a fresh take on the animal print in a lilac hue and perfect to cozy up in on those crisp fall days.

Stripes are such a classic and I'm crushing on the color combination here!  This crew sweater is also available in a red/black combination.

The chenille trend is giving me major throwback vibes but I couldn't pass up this mustard yellow.  Such a golden shade for fall.  This pullover sweater is available in 5 other colors so there's definitely a hue to suit you!

The plaid pattern popping up all over reminds me of a fresh take on Clueless style.  This wrap dress would look so cute under an oversized knit sweater, ideal for those days when it's 60 degrees in the morning and 90 by noon.

Signs of western style have been popping up and this long sleeve dress would look cute paired with loafers as well as tennies.  Just avoid cowboy boots, might look a little too country.

Any cropped pants will show off a cute pair of shoes and a jumpsuit is a no-fuss option to throw on before Sunday brunch.  This could be layered with a top under it or cardigan sweater over for chillier weather.

More cropped bottoms for cute shoes!  I love how the bold pants can be paired with a basic top for a casual yet fun look.  The pop of blue in the stripe on the side gives them an athleisure look.

Animal print is a neutral that will transform a look from mild to wild and can be styled for a day at the office or a night on the town.

Corduroy will add texture to your wardrobe for fall and is very trasnsitional as the season progresses.  Pair with a graphic tank and ankle boots for early fall, then a chunky sweater and over-the-knee boots for late fall.

This skirt offers everything there is to love...high-low tulip hem, gentle ruffle, tie waist, and in PLAID!

Timeless style and modern minimalism combine with the fashion-forward design of this tweed overcoat.  Add a chunky knit scarf in late fall/early winter, and you'll be wearing this coat through early winter!

Duster kimono jackets look effortlessly cool and are versatile enough for leggings (the famous fall wardrobe staple), sundresses, or a classic white tee and denim look.

Own a pair of mules and they will quickly become your every day go-to shoes.  Seriously, you'll end up wearing more than you would have ever imagined.  These are also available in Cognac!

Almond toe metallic platform loafers will instantly update your wardrobe.  Pair with a skirt or cropped bottoms for an on-trend look.  Also availble in black!

Swap out your summer slides for a close-toe version with these slip-on mules.  These shoes will be a comfortable staple for casual date-nights to running weekend errands.  Shown in rust but also available in gold, cognac, and black so there's a color to match everyone's style.

All images are from Target.com

Monday, September 3, 2018

22 Phone Wallpapers for September

Happy September!  If you're one to change your phone background seasonally, this post is for you.  I gained some inspiration from the list of "National Holidays" and decided to round up some phone wallpapers that I've come across on Pinterest.

September is National Yoga Month, marks the first day of fall (September 22), and a bunch of random (probably made up) holidays such as:
September 5 - National Cheese Pizza Day
September 7 - National Beer Lover's Day
September 16 - National Guacamole Day
September 22 - National Pepperoni Pizza Day
September 28 - National Drink a Beer Day
September 29 - National Coffee Day

I'm not really sure who comes up with these holidays, but I can almost always get behind any that involve food, drinking, or animals :)

Hope you enjoy these 22 wallpaper options!

♥ always

All images found on Pinterest

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum. Does it work?!

Over the past few years, I've really been trying to take skincare more seriously.  I enjoy trying new products to see what works and what I actually notice a difference from.  Skincare products can also be a little intimidating because there are SO MANY OUT THERE and all sorts of different skin types.  When I found out that Influenster was sending me a Murad product, I was beyond excited since I've used their products in the past and knew I liked them.

So often on social media, you'll see people sharing the quote, "Too blessed to be stressed" but if I'm being completely honest, we're all stressed and the last place we want this to show is on our face.  The product I received is the Murad Revitalixir Recover Serum, which is available at SephoraUlta, and Murad.com.  The Revitalixir Serum is a product for face and eyes; it addresses stress-induced aging, revives for a quick pick-me-up, and is good for all skin types.  The serum has little plum-colored spheres inside and it smoothes out stress lines, reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, restores vibrancy right away and over time, boosts softness, and moisturizes.  Basically, this product is said to do it all.

Not to mention it's also free of parabens, sulfates,  and phthalates.

So I put the product to the test.  Ever since my birthday in July, I noticed the lines on my forehead had become increasingly more noticeable.  Maybe it was because I was looking at my face closer, maybe it was because my skin was a little bronzed from summer, maybe it was from aging, but whatever the cause, I became very aware and self-conscious about them.  I started searching the internet for different products to use and then my Murad Serum arrived.

Basically, I immediately fell in love with the product.  My favorite part is that it is used on both your face and eye area (I'm a BIG FAN of multi-purpose things, anything to cut down time and using a product for multiple purposes is a big plus in my book).  Everyone is busy, so not having to fuss with a few different bottles or jars in morning and night is a perk.  Also, lets not forget storage space and traveling!  The scent is very light and pleasant.  The product glides over your face and completely covers with one pump.  The serum also has an iridescent pink shimmer, adding a pretty, natural glow to the skin (which means no need for highlighter if you're in a hurry or if the highlighter makeup isn't your jam).  And the part you've all been waiting for, the lines on my forehead were drastically reduced!

The pricing for the product is a little steep (in comparison to drugstore brands), at $89 a bottle.  But like I said, a little bit goes a long way.  I find that people have a tendency to overuse skin and hair care products when realistically, you only need a small amount.  Expensive products last just as long as inexpensive if you use them correctly.  One pump is plenty to cover your whole face and eye area so the serum will last months.  Also, you're getting a face and eye serum in one so that's half the product you have to purchase.  I'm hands down obsessed with the Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum and plan to continue using it regularly.

I received the Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum for testing but all thoughts and opinions are my own.