Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Festival Fashion

Coachella has come and gone but for me, festival style basically equates to summer wear.  It's almost a guarantee that there is a music festival or concert in the books for you within the upcoming months.

My day-long, concert going advice:
Avoid playsuits or overalls.  With all the liquids being pumped in to your body, chances are you're going to use the restroom relatively often.  Rompers especially make restroom using slightly and and awkward, since you basically have to strip down in a public place.  Opt for a shorts and tank combo or a comfortable dress.
Backpacks and crossbody bags are key, because no one wants to hold a purse on their shoulder all day.
Take just the necessities.  Girls can get a little carried away piling stuff in bags, but that shoulder will hurt by the end of the day if too much is weighing you down.
Easy layers.  Lightweight during the day, while the sun is beating down.  A jacket or button down for if it cools off at night.
Flats or wedges, but make sure they're comfortable.
Avoid bulky and heavy jewelry, you'll regret wearing anything that gets irritating as the day goes on.

Here are 4 looks to help inspire your festival and concert style all summer:





Shoesday Tuesday

The "every-day, go-to, looking chic while running errands ultimate spring and summer" slide: