Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY: Scalloped Shorts

SCALLOPED SHORTS!  So cute, so versatile, so obsessed.  Wear them with chunky wedges, a sparkly tank and blazer...Vans, loose fitting tee, and layer on arm candy...or throw them on with a button down shirt and some cute flats.
The supplies:
Shorts or pants (I used some Bermuda shorts I found hidden at the back of my closet)
Fabric scissors
A pencil, ink pen, OR washable fabric marker
Cup or circular object
Fray check

Step one: Trim the length of the shorts to a comfortable length BUT remember: The scallops are going to shorten the length a bit, so be sure to leave them about an inch longer than your comfortable with.

Step two: Trace the scallops. I suggest using a pencil, but if the fabric is too dark, lightly trace out the scallops with an ink pen. (I used a blue pen on mine). Do the same on the front and the back.

Step three: Start with one leg. Carefully cut the semi-circles and it's best to do the front and back separately. After you finish the first, try them on to check the length. Happy with it?

Step four: Repeat the first part of step three on the second short leg.

{Step five}: There were still a few spots where you could see my pen mark tracings, so I used a tide pen to lighten those marks right up.

Step six: Apply the fray check and simply snip off any unwanted strings.

My scalloped shorts paired with a vintage Levi's shirt and grey tights.

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