Saturday, March 23, 2019

Dreamy decor trends for 2019

As I've gotten older, I've realized staying in (especially throughout winter months) is more appealing than going out.  The key to wanting to stay in is creating a home you like, can relax at, and simply just enjoy.  Changing things out can make a "same old" space feel new and refreshed for the months ahead.

Every year, there are new trends in home decor and I love following the trends while also staying true to myself.  In 2019, you can expect to see bolder colors along with feminine tones, more natural touches, and decor that makes a statement.  If you're curious about finding new trends for your living space, I've rounded up my favorite trends for 2019 to help inspire throughout the rest of the year.

1.  Night Watch Green
This unexpectedly amazing deep green shade represents renewal while bringing a lush greenery and luxurious feel to a space.  Night Watch Green pairs flawlessly with pops of color and metallics.  Use it boldly for cabinets and wall paint or as an accent for chairs and decor.

2.  Boho Decor
Boho is definitely a style I've always been drawn to.  Mixing prints and textures make a room exciting and intriguing while natural elements and plants can give one all the heart eyes.

3.  Terrazzo
Marble, specifically grey/white, has been the big trend in decor, accessories, and everything in between for years now.  It's refreshing to see a new "rock (?)" style taking a seat at the decor table.  The mixture of different elements in Terrazzo makes it unique and interesting.

4.  Statement Ceilings
This is a trend that can really make the most out of a space and I am here for it.  If you've got the decor covered on ground level, why not take it up for the main event (literally)?

5.  Feminine Tones
A touch of pink, blush, rose gold, plum, or any other feminine tones never hurt anyone.  It can soften a room without making it overly feminine.  BUT, just take a look at that pink tiled bathroom!  I think I'm going to need that in my future home.

6.  Black + White Decor
Does black and white ever really go out of style?  It's a clean, classic color combination that you really can't go wrong with.

Which is your favorite trend of 2019?

♥ always

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