Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Removing Coffee Stains - At-Home Teeth Whitening Reviews

This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Being a multi-cups a day coffee drinker, I've known my teeth could use a little help on the
whitening side. The only whitening experience I have had in the past was using drugstore
whitening strips (which I don't recall noticing a huge difference) and then I brush with the Crest
3D White toothpaste daily. When I was approached by Smile Brilliant for a collaboration, I was
very intrigued and excited to learn more about the company. After looking at some before-afters
and reading about Smile Brilliant, I was ready to give it a try.

Shortly after filling out a quick questionnaire, a box arrived in the mail with a kit including molds
to make my own impressions of my teeth. Detailed instructions and whitening syringes are also
included in that box. This kit has a top and bottom mold, three containers of catalyst, and three
of the base. Three are included in case you happen to mess up one (which I did), so the extra
makes the process much less intimidating since there's a backup. After mixing the catalyst and
base together (sort of like playing with a putty), it gets placed in the mold then put in your mouth
until it hardens around your teeth. Once the impressions are set, you'll simply package them in
the pre-paid shipping envelope that arrived with the kit and drop in the mail.

Within a few weeks, your custom fitted trays will arrive and then it's time to start the whitening
process. Because the whole process can be a bit time consuming, the instructions read that it's
best to whiten before bed. A few times I whitened at night, a few I did in the morning if it was
more convenient. The whitening and desensitizing gels are applied to the trays in a thin line
using the syringe. Recommended time for whitening starts at 45 minutes with the option to
wear for up to 3 hours. Due to teeth sensitivity, I started with the 45 minutes then worked up to
an hour. After whitening, you remove the trays, rinse and dry, brush your teeth then apply the
desensitizing gel, which you wear for 15 minutes. The desensitizing gel definitely helped with
any sensitivity I was feeling. After all of that is done, there's no eating or drinking for 30 minutes to
achieve the best results.

Since the trays are custom fitted, they fit comfortably, allowing you to be able to talk relatively
normally and go about things like you would at home. During my whitening sessions, I've done
yoga, cleaned the house, and just relaxed while getting a brighter, whiter smile without the
hassle of dentist visits for a professional session.

Did Smile Brilliant work? YES! I've noticed my teeth are whiter than before and have actually
had people tell me that my teeth look great, making me more confident with my smile. Honestly,
I hadn't noticed how coffee stained they were until approached by Smile Brilliant and taking my
"before" photos.

Had I been able to give up coffee during the whitening process, I'm sure the
results would have been better, but overall I'm happy with the results I achieved. Would I
recommend Smile Brilliant and use it again? Yes! Due to the convenience, custom fitting,

professionalism of the product, and positive results, I would 10/10 recommend.

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